Tulips from London

A gift of flowers from her plus some delicious ginger thee probably not from London actually but.. she is..

Felicia Eckstein-Wall

She told me she is re-emigrating back to the Netherlands after living twelve years in London with her husband and kid.

She couldn’t wait to participate in this project and she told me how wonderful the last project ‘Twijfelindo’ was and why she didn’t know about this book project before?

Finally, I met Felicia today and she is a wonderful person to talk to because she totally understands what the project is all about. Don’t get me wrong, all participants do, but we clearly got along right away.Talking about her discoveries, her questions, her family and how she perceives her identity. I was all ears and each time people tell their stories I always learn and hear something new.

It would be interesting to record the conversations we have before we actually began the Interview.

Honestly om not very talkative, but when it comes to this project we have so much to talk about. So I am grateful for each meeting Participants put so much effort into this project and coming over at my humble but big home in Gouda.

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